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Research shows that if you don't eat before and during an overnight flight, it suspends your body's sense of time - thus avoiding jet lag. - The Week Magazine, 12/26/08

Magnets have been shown to reduce swelling and increase blood flow, allowing for faster healing. - The Week Magazine, 12/26/08

The obesity rate in the United States has doubled between 1976 and 1999. California is the only state not getting any fatter. - Discover Magazine, 1/09

A new study from the Harvard School of Public Health shows that 44% of all deaths from cancer were preventable with healthier lifestyle choices. 72% of cardiovascular deaths were also preventable the same way. - The Week Magazine, 10/10/08

German researchers have determined that if you smell roses while you're sleeping, you're more apt to have pleasant dreams. The scent of rotten eggs is more likely to cause nightmares. - US News & World Report, 9/21/08

An Oregon hospital mailed the diagnosis of a stomach ailment to the patient: "Based on your visit today, we know you are pregnant." That was a surprise to patient John Pippen, a 71-year-old man. - MSNBC, 9/26/08

Americans choke to death on toothpicks more than any other object. - San Diego Union, 9/9/08

A study by researchers at the University of Florida shows that children with a history of moderate to severe ear infections tend to become overweight adults. - San Diego Union, 9/2/08

A $1 increase in the cost of gas may cut obesity by 10% as people walk more and eat out less when gas is pricey. - Time Magazine, 7/14/08

The average human body contains enough iron to make a 3 inch long nail. - San Diego Union, 8/7/08

Hockey players can lose up to 7 pounds of sweat during each game. - Discover Magazine, 8/08

Natalie Cooper, a 17-year-old English girl, cannot eat anything but Tic Tacs. She vomits after eating everything else. For real sustenance, she receives a special nutrient formula through a feeding tube to her stomach. - San Diego Union, 9/2/08

A New York man has lost his prosthetic leg while skydiving. He's posted a $12,000 reward for the leg. - Yahoo! News, 7/18/08

A Rhode Island woman died in 1986 due to "sleep-eating" (night eating syndrome - NES). She was on a very restrictive diet, but would eat in the middle of the night without even knowing it. She gained 200 pounds in three months. - San Diego Union, 9/2/08

A miniature dachshund chewed off Missouri woman's big toe while the woman napped. Linda Floyd suffers from diabetes and has numbness in her extremities. - Sioux City Journal, 7/8/08

Global warming is now a cause of kidney stones. As temperatures go up, dehydration is more likely - and the water loss causes an increase in kidney stones in animals. - San Diego Union, 7/15/08

A Utah newspaper photographer was speared through the leg by a javelin while he was shooting a high school track championship. - MSNBC, 5/19/08

The life expectancy in southwestern Virginia is now five years lower than it was twenty five years ago. - New York Times, 4/27/08

If you are a pregnant woman, if you eat a bowl of cereal each week, it is 87% more likely that will give birth to a boy. - CBS News (Denver, CO) , 4/23/08

If you are a pregnant woman, the odds are 3 out of 4 (75%) that you strongly crave unusual foods. If you suffer from those cravings, the odds are 1 out of 6 that you crave chewing on coal. - The Week Magazine, 5/16/08

By age 60, most people have lost half their taste buds. - San Diego Union, 4/29/08
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