The Human Body #4

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A New Jersey man, Bryan Rocco, started choking on an onion ring while driving, blacked out and crashed into a tree. His life was saved by the air bag that dislodged the onion ring stuck in his windpipe. - (Fort Collins, Colorado), 9/20/07

Although calcium is important to bone strength, 99% of the calcium in the human body is in the teeth. - San Diego Union, 9/18/07

There are more germs on your body than people in the United States. - Discover Magazine, 9/07

An Englishman was admitted for leg surgery but surgeons found green blood. The man was taking too much sumatriptan (a migraine drug); the drug caused sulfur to be combined with the hemoglobin in his red blood cells. When the dosage was reduced, the man's blood returned to its normal red color. - San Diego Union, 7/31/07

British researchers have announced they have turned human bone marrow cells into primitive sperm cells. This paves the way for women to have babies without the assistance of any man. -, 4/13/07

The British Medical Journal has estimated that smoking one cigarette takes 11 minutes off the average person's life - San Diego Union, 7/24/07

Canadian researchers in the Arctic recently bared their arms, legs and torsos and reported as many as 9,000 bites from swarming, newly hatched mosquitoes. At this rate, a human could be drained of blood in two hours. - Discover Magazine, 8/07

Fat people are twice as likely to still be alive three years after a heart attack. Then again, they are far more likely to suffer a heart attack in the first place. - The Week Magazine, 6/29/07

The amount of heat generated by an average adult each day could boil eight gallons of water. - San Diego Union, 6/7/07

A British woman gave birth to her daughter less than two minutes after her water broke. - New York Post, 5/26/07

Only ten percent of the 100,000,000,000,000 cells inside each one of us are human. The rest are bacteria, fungi, and other microbes. - Discover Magazine, 6/07

Because of their poor diets and excess weight, people now in their 50s and 60s suffer from more health problems than their parents did at the same age. - The Week Magazine, 5/4/07

The human body creates 2,500,000 new red blood cells each and every second. - San Diego Union, 4/24/07

Doctors mistakenly removed Benjamin Houghton's healthy right testicle instead of the potentially cancerous left one. - Los Angeles Times, 4/4/07

An English study of male college students found that those who were hungry were attracted to heavier women than those who weren't hungry. - San Diego Union, 3/29/07

Just 10% of beer drinkers drink 43% of all beer sold. These beer drinkers average almost a gallon of beer each day. - The Week Magazine, 2/27/07

If you took all the human urine produced in the world in one day, it would take a full 20 minutes for it to flow over Niagara Falls. - San Diego Union, 2/6/07

A 35 year old Florida man who jumped off the balcony of a cruise ship survived for eight hours in the water because he was 300 pounds and could float. His body density was less than water, so he was able to float until rescuers got to him. - The Week Magazine, 3/30/07

An Australian study found that vegetarians were more intelligent than people who ate meat. - San Diego Union, 3/29/07

More than 2,000 people now have RFID chips embedded under their skin. These chips can provide medical information, log onto computers or unlock car doors. At a club in Barcelona, you can get an implanted RFID "debit card" and party until your funds are gone. - Discover Magazine, 2/07

There are approximately 250,000 pores on the soles of your feet, secreting a total of about 1/4 cup of sweat each day. - San Diego Union, 4/3/07

A 440 pound German man survived being run over by a car because his heavy padding of fat protected his internal organs. - The Week Magazine, 12/29/06
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