The Human Body #5

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When left-handers walk into a room, they tend to turn left; when right-handed people walk into the same room, they will tend to turn right. - San Diego Union, 1/23/07

Several libraries around the world (including the Harvard Law School) have books clad in human skin. - Discover Magazine, 2/07

The rise in obesity may be partly due to the reduced amount of time we spend asleep. - Science Daily, 12/13/04

An "Extreme Gulp" at 7-11 holds 1 1/2 times the amount the average human stomach can. - San Diego Union, 1/18/07

Your skin sheds 50,000 cells every minute. - Discover Magazine, 2/07

It would take 1,120,000 mosquito bites to drain the average human of blood. - San Diego Union, 1/18/07

A couple of teaspoons of dark chocolate each day could be just as good as aspirin for maintaining cardiovascular health. - The Week Magazine, 1/12/07

An aspirin tablet is forty times more effective if taken with a cup of hot chocolate rather than a glass of water. - San Diego Union, 12/19/06

Marital discord makes wounds heal more slowly. - The Week Magazine, 1/12/07

Thinking for one hour burns about one-fifteenth of a gram of fat. - San Diego Union, 11/14/06

Left handed people are twelve times as likely to be dyslexic than right-handers. - San Diego Union, 11/21/06

Women with breast implants have a 73% higher suicide rate than the general population. - MSNBC, 8/17/06

More electrical impulses are generated in one day by a single human brain than in all the telephones in the world. - San Diego Union, 11/7/06

Each day, the average adult human brain uses the amount of energy in 250 M & Ms. - San Diego Union, 10/19/06

The average person walks 115,000 miles in a lifetime. This equals five times around the world. - San Diego Union, 10/10/06

500 people suffer from sickening or deadly food poisoning each day in China. - Los Angeles Times, 9/24/06

The human central nervous system filters out 99% of what your senses register so the brain doesn't have to bother processing unimportant matters. - San Diego Union, 11/28/06

The average woman spends two years of her life studying herself in mirrors. - The Week Magazine, 10/6/06

An adult human spine compresses roughly .59 inch from morning until night. - San Diego Union, 9/28/06

A study by British researchers found that men who only need to shave once or twice a week have a 70% increased risk of stroke. - The Week Magazine, 9/15/06

The daily heat output of the human body is enough to boil eight gallons of freezing water. - San Diego Union, 9/12/06

A person would gain an extra 15 pounds each year just by drinking an extra can of sugar-laden soda each day. - Time Magazine, 8/21/06
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