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938,000,000 extra gallons of gasoline are burned each year because Americans are overweight. - San Diego Union, 2/6/07

Healthy cells have a built-in process which means they commit suicide if something is wrong, a process which fails in cancer cells. - BBC News, 8/27/06

No American has died of old age since 1951. That was the year that the government eliminated that classification from death certificates. - Discover Magazine, 9/06

Women's bodies reject a heart transplant more often than a man's body. - San Diego Union, 8/15/06

A person will burn 7% more calories walking on hard dirt than they will walking on pavement. - San Diego Union, 8/1/06

A Chinese woman has had a mole surgically added to her face so people can tell her apart from her twin sister. - Independent Online, 7/24/06

Each year, American dentists use 13 tons of gold for fillings. - San Diego Union, 6/29/06

A 2002 Oxford University study showed that counting sheep is not an effective cure for insomnia. It's so boring that other problems and concerns inevitably surface. - Discover Magazine, 7/06

Ginger kills ovarian cancer cells. - Discover Magazine, 7/06

36% of Americans between 18 and 29 years of age have at least one tattoo somewhere on their bodies. - North County Times, 6/11/06

In the United States, 1 out of 200 newborns die in their first month of life. This is the second highest infant mortality rate among industrialized nations, second only to Latvia. -, 5/10/06

A Washington University study has identified a bacteria that influences fat storage in thin people. This may lead to a "milk shake" which contains the bacteria - harvested from the stomachs of slim people. - Popular Science, 6/06

More than 2,500 left-handed people are killed each year from using products designed for right-handed people - San Diego Union, 5/23/06

Wake Forest University tests have shown an experimental drug, CX717, can keep rhesus monkeys awake and productive for 36 hours straight, with no lingering side effects. The monkeys on this drug performed better than monkeys did after a full night's sleep. - Popular Science, 6/06

A study at the University of California at San Diego shows that large tattoos on the lower back and buttocks can lead to problems for women during childbirth. Injecting an epidural anesthetic through tattooed skin carries the risk of transmitting allergens or poisonous pigments into deep tissues, leading to irritation. - Yahoo News, 5/8/06

In an average lifetime, a woman will consume six pounds of lipstick. - San Diego Union, 4/25/06

Playing the didgeridoo can treat snoring. - Discover Magazine, 5/06

Obesity has many causes; viruses may be one of the causes. Scientists say washing your hands could help you from catching obesity. -, 2/15/06

After age 30, the brain begins to lose about 50,000 neurons per day - shrinking the brain .25% each year. - San Diego Union, 9/28/06

Red-Green color blind people can see many more shades of khaki than other folks. There is now a test of this, with 15 circles in different shades of khaki. People with regular vision struggled with the test; color-blind men had no trouble. - Discover Magazine, 3/06

Many people will eat more than 3,000 calories extra on Super Bowl Sunday — about equal to their Thanksgiving meal. - USA Today, 1/26/06

A Croatian lumberjack recently received a kidney transplant from a woman. He now has developed a sudden interest in knitting and housework. - Commonwealth Times, 1/19/06

Only 8% of American women have "hourglass" figures (where the waist measures 9 inches less than the bust), but most new clothes are still designed to fit that stereotype. - The Week Magazine, 1/27/06
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