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As of May 2008, 13% of the 100 top-grossing films of all time were made by either Steven Spielberg or George Lucas. - The Week Magazine, 5/2/08

Used condoms are being recycled into hair ties and rubber bands in South China. - USAToday, 11/15/07

In late April 2008, the boat "Earthrace" will attempt to break the maritime around-the-world speed record, using only biofuels - including fat liposuctioned from its skipper, Pete Bethune. - London Daily Mail, 12/19/07

Microsoft is piloting a project called "MyLifeBits", which attempts to capture everything that happens in an individual's life. Automatically archiving e-mails, text documents, webpages, the project also includes a wearable camera that snaps a picture every thirty seconds. - Discover Magazine, 5/08

Collisions with birds cause more than a billion dollars worth of damage to civil aircraft each year. - Discover Magazine, 5/08

An average tree produces 8,333 sheets of paper. - San Diego Union, 4/20/08

An average office worker prints 10,000 pages each year, of which 14% are promptly thrown into the trash. - San Diego Union, 4/20/08

Last year, New York Yankees pitcher Roger Clemens was paid $19,800,000. This averages $200,000 per inning he pitched. - The Week Magazine, 4/11/08

It's estimated that United States businesses lose $800,000,000 every Friday the 13th due to absenteeism and reluctance to travel or make decisions. - Chicago Tribune, 3/15/08

Alex Rodriguez of the New York Yankees makes more money than the entire Florida Marlins team. - San Diego Union, 4/2/08

The Washington Generals basketball team has won only six games during the 42 years 1953 to 1995. During the same time period, they have lost more than 13,000 games. The Generals play only one opponent - the Harlem Globetrotters. - Sporting News, 3/31/08

The number of ski resorts in the United States has dropped from 727 in 1985 to 485 in 2008. The drop is attributed to global warming. - The Week Magazine, 2/22/08

The average domestic airfare in spring 2007 was $326. This is $50 less than in 1997 (after adjusting for inflation) - even though fuel costs have nearly tripled during the same time period. - Wired Magazine, 2/08

The Canadian post office revealed that one of the volunteers who respond to letters addressed to Santa Claus had written obscene replies to at least ten children. A spokeswoman said, "We firmly believe there is just one rogue elf out there." - Reuters, 12/14/07

Starbucks spends more on health insurance for its employees than it does for its raw coffee beans. - MSNBC, 9/14/05

On 12-19-07, UPS expected to deliver 22 million packages worldwide. That's 250 packages each second. - San Diego Union, 12/20/07

Louisiana is now the third largest movie production center in the United States, after California and New York. - The Week Magazine, 12/7/07

Lahde Capital, a California Hedge Fund, has made more than 1,000% return this year. It is one of the world's best performing funds of all time. - Dow Jones Financial News, 11/26/07

6% of British homeowners use their credit cards to pay their mortgages, even though the average credit card interest rate is more than double mortgage rates. - Yahoo! News, 11/1/07

There are now 3.3 billion mobile services accounts in existence. This works out to be one for every two human beings on the planet. - Network World, 12/3/07

The average monthly revenue per mobile services user in Kuwait is $71. The average monthly revenue per mobile services user in Sri Lanka is $2.83. - Network World, 12/3/07

Disneyland is finding many people are scattering ashes of family members on their favorite rides. Several separate events have been noted - and custodians have been issued special vacuums to remove suspicious debris. - Los Angeles Times, 11/14/07

Japan's Kaneko Sangyo Company is marketing a portable toilet for your car. It supposedly will "come in handy during major disasters, such as earthquakes, or when you are caught in a traffic jam". - Yahoo! News, 10/23/07
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