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Overdraft fees cost Americans $17.5 billion in 2006. - Reuters, 7/11/07

Ohio State University has an athletics budget of $109,382,222 this year. That works out to be about $110,000 per student enrolled in its athletic program. That's also three times as much as the school spends to educate each student. - Wall Street Journal, 10/19/07

Yum brands, which owns KFC, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell is now opening about one restaurant a day in China. - The Week Magazine, 9/28/07

70% of all visits to Internet porn sites happen during normal work hours. The average worker admits to wasting two hours a day at work on the Internet. - The Week Magazine, 9/21/07

KFC will soon promote its new $2.99 lunches by pumping the smell of its fried chicken into workplaces. The chicken odors will come from the carts used to deliver mail throughout office buildings. - The Week Magazine, 9/14/07

Starbucks is now the most frequented retailer in the world. It serves 50,000,000 customers worldwide, and opens an average of seven new stores each day. - North County Times, 9/6/07

McDonald's sells about 17 Big Macs each second in the United States. - The Week Magazine, 9/7/07

An investor who entrusted $1,000 to Warren Buffett 50 years ago would have over $27,600,000 at the end of 2006. - The Week Magazine, 8/17/07

The amount of water that it takes to make the plastic containers for bottled water is twice the amount of water that actually goes into the bottles. - San Diego Union, 7/26/07

The United States imported $5,300,000 worth of American flags manufactured in other countries in 2006. - The Week Magazine, 7/20/07

The new double-decker jet, the Airbus A380, will hold 840 passengers. - Time Magazine, 7/2/07

For the first time ever, imported car brands have a bigger share of the United States market than Ford, GM and Chrysler. The Big Three U.S. carmakers accounted for 48.2% of all U.S. car sales in July 2007. - The Week Magazine, 8/17/07

100% of all toys recalled this year by the Consumer Product Safety Commission were manufactured in China. - Time Magazine, 7/9/07

The Beatles still sell an average of 280,000 albums per month worldwide. The Beatles still receive more airplay than any other group. - The Week Magazine, 5/25/07

Gas prices getting higher? ExxonMobil reported a record $9,280,000,000 profit for the first quarter of 2007. Since 2004, ExxonMobil has posted about $100 billion dollars in cumulative profits. - The Week Magazine, 5/11/07

Federated CEO Terry Lundgren was paid $16,000,000 in 2006. He also gets 40% discount on anything he buys from any of the Federated stores (including Macy's and Bloomingdale's). All other employees only get a 20% discount. - The Week Magazine, 5/11/07

There are 80,000 Boeing employees in the Seattle area. The daily commute for all employees totals 85 trips around the world. - Time Magazine, 4/9/07

The Minnesota Twins announced that four of this season's home games will have a designated "peanut-free" seating section for fans with peanut allergies. - The Week Magazine, 5/11/07

If every home in the United States paid its bills online, solid waste would be decreased by 1,600,000,000 tons each year. - Time Magazine, 4/9/07

40% of Amsterdam commuters get to work by bicycle. - The Week Magazine, 5/18/07

ESPN has signed on to televise 2007's USA Rock Paper Scissors League championship in May. - Variety, 3/12/07

The one activity that results in more catastrophic spinal and head injuries than all other high school and college sports combined? Cheerleading. Emergency room visits for cheerleading injuries have doubled since the early 1990s. - The Week Magazine, 4/13/07

A Sacramento, California area amusement park has banned screaming on their new roller coaster. The coaster's name is "The Screamer". - CBS5 (Sacramento CA), 4/6/07

Eighty percent of American women could be reached with one television ad on the big 3 networks (CBS, ABC, NBC) in 1960. - San Diego Union, 3/31/07
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