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The Pentagon's biggest contractor in Iraq, Halliburton, recently announced it is moving its headquarters from Houston, Texas to Dubai - fueling speculation that it is moving to avoid taxes and/or accountability. Recent audits showed Halliburton charged the US government $27,400,000 for a shipment of natural gas from Kuwait that cost the company only $82,000. - The Week Magazine, 4/6/07

Half of the women in the United States have taken an all-female trip in the past three years. Almost 90% of them have plans for one. - San Diego Union, 3/31/07

A Washington woman was "freaked out" when giving her dog a bath - the dog's ear floated away. It appears that a groomer cut off the dog's ear and attempted to glue it back on with super glue. - Fox News, 2/15/07

The US military corps has 4,000 robots, which include "PackBots" which are involved in the search for Osama Bin Laden. These "PackBots" are made by iRobot, the same company that makes the Roomba robotic vacuum cleaner. Unfortunately, Taliban fighters have discovered that they can disable the robots by flipping them over with a common ladder. - Discover Magazine, 4/07

North Korean dictator Kim Jong Il is the world's leading buyer of Hennessy Cognac. He spends up to $720,000 annually on Hennessy. - The Week Magazine, 3/23/07

Robotics expert Henrik Christensen predicts humans will be having sex with robots by 2011. - Discover Magazine, 4/07

A Michigan couple were surprised to find two unexpected packages from China delivered to them from DHL. They were even more surprised to discover that inside one package was a human liver; inside the other was a partial human head. The packages were supposed to be delivered to a Michigan medical lab. - 46News (Atlanta, GA), 3/7/07

The robots "Spirit" and "Opportunity", launched in 2003, were built to last only ninety days on the surface of Mars. Both are still going strong in March 2007. - Discover Magazine, 4/07

The National Federation of the Blind is asking that laws be passed to require hybrid cars to make noise as many blind people use the sound of the traffic to determine when to cross the street. - Fox News, 2/14/07

The suicide rate among police officers is far higher for police officers than the general population. In 2006, 450 American police officers killed themselves, three times the number killed in the line of duty. - The Week Magazine, 2/27/07

In 2006, e-mail spammers sent off 183,000,000,000 messages each day. That's about 70% of all e-mail. - Business Week, 9/19/06

Japanese chemists have created vanillin, the main component of vanilla-bean extract used in artificial flavorings, from cow dung. - Discover Magazine, 3/07

Every bathroom stall at Google headquarters in Mountain View, California is equipped with a high-tech equipment (heated seats, bidets, and dryers). The company believes that quirky perks will keep employees productive and thinking in unconventional ways. - Washington Post, 10/26/06

In 52% of solved cases of identity theft, the victim knew the thief personally. - San Diego Union, 2/6/07

Nine of the ten largest leveraged buyouts in history have taken place in the last eighteen months. - The Week Magazine, 1/19/07

More than 22,000,000 pounds of marijuana are grown in the United States annually. This crop exceeds in value the combined worth of American corn, hay and soybeans. - The Week Magazine, 1/12/06

A woman sent her 1-month-old grandson through an X-ray machine at Los Angeles International Airport. Airport officials said it was an innocent mistake by an inexperienced traveler. - CNN, 12/21/06

A Massachusetts man has been fired because his urine tested positive for nicotine. His former employer, Scotts Company, specifically forbids workers from using tobacco. - The Week Magazine, 12/15/06

British stem-cell researchers have applied for a license to create human-cow hybrid embryos. - BBC News, 11/06/06

A company that helped build a fourteen-mile border fence between California and Mexico has agreed to pay almost $5,000,000 in fines for hiring hundreds of illegal immigrant workers. - The Week Magazine, 1/12/07

"House of the Rising Sun", the breakthrough hit of the Animals in 1964, took eight minutes to complete: the first four minutes was the run-through, the second four minutes was the actual recording. - Blender Magazine, 12/06

92% of frequent flier miles are never redeemed. - The Week Magazine, 12/1/06
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