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There were 70,000,000 acetominophen caplets scanned by metal detectors due to the possibility of metal shavings being inside. Only 200 tainted caplets were found; the odds of a caplet being one of the problematic caplets is 1 in 349,650. - Time Magazine, 11/20/06

Sanitation workers in the United States die on the job at a higher rate than policemen or fire fighters. - The Week Magazine, 11/24/06

The old-time crime of cattle rustling is enjoying a resurgence. Former baseball great Nolan Ryan has been a victim of rustling twice in the last year. - USA Today, 10/28/06

Each runner in this year's New York Marathon will have a GPS device tracking their progress. - The Week Magazine, 11/10/06

Princeton computer scientists confirm that undetectable vote-stealing software can be installed on the new electronic voting machines in less than a minute. - Discover Magazine, 12/06

On average, Starbucks opens six stores each day. - North County Times, 10/26/06

25% of students with perfect SAT scores who applied to Harvard in 2006 were rejected. - The Week Magazine, 11/10/06

There is a 1 in 7 chance that an airliner has dangerous levels of disease-carrying pathogens in its drinking water. - San Diego Union, 10/19/06

104 people have been sickened so far this year by drinking the bottled fluid called "Fabuloso", found in many 99 cent stores. While packaged in four different colors and in a bottle not unlike a sports drink, Fabuloso is actually a cleaning product. - New York Times, 10/17/06

The lab accident rate at schools and colleges is 100 to 1,000 times greater than at firms like Dow or DuPont. - Discover Magazine, 11/06

Paul McCartney applies for exclusive rights to use his name on meat, poultry and fish products. He did this not to actually use his name in advertising for these items, but to prevent others from using his name in this fashion. - Yahoo! News, 10/13/06

Starbucks recently announced plans to double the number of outlets in North America. - MSNBC, 10/5/06

The average detainee at Guantanamo has gained 20 pounds since their capture. - Washington Post, 10/3/06

Wenger has made a collector's Swiss Army knife - with 85 tools. This knife is 8.75 inches wide. - Popular Science, 11/06

The average company loses about 6% of revenue to fraud each year. The biggest culprits are employees. - The Week Magazine, 10/20/06

The MPAA has paid $9,000 each to train 2 dogs to sniff out pirated DVDs. The dogs cannot distinguish between legitimate and bootleg DVDs, however. - Los Angeles Times, 9/27/06

In the early 1950s, The Lorillard Tobacco Company made billions of Kent cigarettes with a new feature: the Micronite filter. This Micronite filter was only later disclosed to have the filtering agent crocidolite asbestos, deadly in its own right. - PBS, 10/2/01

It costs more to own a car in Detroit (an amazing $12,210 per year for a mid-sized sedan) than in any other city in the country. - CNN, 9/5/06

In order to help people care about animal rights, the Humane Society of America has coined this new "politically correct" term for dogs: Canine Americans -, 9/12/06

The video game Madden NFL '07 made $100 million in its first week - almost as much as the highly anticipated movie "The Da Vinci Code" made in its first week of release. - The Week Magazine, 9/15/06

Passengers on a flight from France to Mauritius have filed suit against Air France after musician Bonnie Tyler performed a song at the request of the co-pilot. - UPI, 9/3/06

The pilot of a Canadian airliner who went to the washroom during a flight found himself locked out of the cockpit, forcing the crew to remove the door from its hinges to let him back in. There were 50 passengers on the flight and the plane was pilotless for ten minutes. -, 8/31/06

The amount of nicotine in most cigarettes rose an average of almost 10% from 1998 to 2004, with brands most popular with young people and minorities registering the biggest increases and highest nicotine content, according to a new study. Kool Lights actually had an increase of 30%. - Washington Post, 8/31/06
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