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A federal court in San Francisco has rejected a motion to dismiss a lawsuit filed by the National Federation of the Blind against Target Corporation. The lawsuit filed Feb. 7 claimed that the corporation's Web site was inaccessible to blind customers. - Computerworld, 9/11/06

Madonna has approached the nuclear industry with a plan to clean up nuclear waste by washing it in a magical Kabbalah fluid. - The Week Magazine, 9/8/06

A San Francisco startup, the DeCaf company, has invented a tongue-depressor-like stick which extracts caffeine from a cup of coffee with just a few stirs. Experts say that up to 70% of caffeine is removed in less than a minute. - Red Herring, 8/7/06

The direct medical costs of obesity now account for $93,000,000,000 per year. That's a full 9% of America's health care bill. - The Week Magazine, 8/11/06

"Mobility Scooters" - such as the Rascal - are being used by more and more people who don't have a disability. They're being used by people who "just don't feel like walking". - Wall Street Journal, 7/15/06

Panasonic is planning to sell a 103 inch plasma television this holiday season. This television is the size of a queen size bed, and will cost about $70,000. - New York Times, 7/24/06

Apple sells an average of 14,444 computers each day. That's a 19% increase over the previous fiscal quarter. PC makers reported a decrease in sales of 2.1% for the same period. - Information Week, 7//24/06

Food stamp usage doubles in counties with new Wal-Mart stores acccording to Penn State agricultural economists. - Discover Magazine, 8/06

Nokia has shown a prototype of a cell phone that lets you wirelessly send a scent to another phone. The "Scentsory" phone sends a signal to the fragrance emitter in the recipient's handset which produces the desired aroma. - Infoworld, 6/26/06

In 2005, the average CEO earned more in one workday than the average worker earned all year. - The Week Magazine, 7/14/06

An Atlanta school district overpaid $250,000 for phone service because a lower bid for the contract got stuck in the district's SPAM filter. - Network Computing, 6/8/06

The basic ingredient of bubble gum (polyvinyl acetate) is used for the glue on U.S. postage stamps. - San Diego Union, 6/26/06

Large companies are so concerned about the contents of the electronic communications leaving their offices that they're employing staff to read employees' outgoing e-mails. According to Forrester Consulting, 44 per cent of large corporations in the United States now pay someone to monitor and snoop on what's in the company's outgoing mail. - ZDNet, 7/20/04

Los Angeles police will test a new system which may minimize those deadly high-speed car chases. When chasing a fast moving crook, the police will now fire a GPS homing device which will stick on the fleeing car. The GPS chip will then track the car, allowing the authorities to track the vehicle by computer and coordinate a calmer arrest. - Popular Science, 7/05

Lithuanian police were so astonished when they pulled over a truck driver and his breathalyzer test registered 18 times the legal alcohol limit, they thought their testing device must be broken. It wasn’t. - Boston Herald, 5/23/06

The speed limit on some Texas roads is now 80 miles per hour. - Washington Times, 5/30/06

According to a recent study, almost one quarter of hospitalized patients over 70 years old were catheterized, even though there was no medical need. - San Diego Union, 5/30/06

Within ten years, you may be able to buy fruit and vegetables "fortified" with smart drugs and medication. - Business 2.0, 6/06

The name "Nevaeh" was more popular for a baby girl in 2005 than Vanessa, Sara and Amanda. Nevaeh is "Heaven" spelled backwards. - New York Times, 5/18/06

Staples was expected to sell its millionth "Easy Button" in summer 2006. - Business 2.0, 6/06

Researchers in England and the United States are developing an "invisibility cloak" - not unlike the one Harry Potter inherited from his father in the popular books. An early version, said to mask microwaves and other electromagnetic radiation, may be unveiled in 2007. - San Diego Union, 5/26/06

DaimlerChrysler now embeds fiber from a banana plant into plastic covers for spare tire wells, saving up to 60% of energy over fiberglass. - Discover Magazine, 6/06
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