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The spring toy Slinky is celebrating its 60th birthday this year. Slinky guards its trade secrets fiercely, and in those 60 years, there have never been reporters or photographers allowed inside the Slinky factory. - Time Magazine, 12/5/05

Dartmouth College researchers have created a robot so small that 200 could fit on the tip of your finger. These robots may one day repair circuitry on computer chips. - Popular Science, 12/05

The average retiree has between 18 and 20 years of life ahead of him. In 1900, the average life after retirement was 1.2 years. - Yahoo Finance, 10/19/05

A Minnesota inventor has discovered a way to make brightly colored soap bubbles that do not leave a stain when the bubble breaks. This new technology will soon appear in other products, such as a bathroom wipe that leaves a momentary trail to show you where you have cleaned already, and a toothpaste that turns kids' mouths bright pink until they have brushed for thirty seconds. - Popular Science, 12/05

There were 3,500 less television roles for actors in 2004, primarily due to the popularity of reality TV shows. - Yahoo News, 10/6/05

A German inventor has found a way to convert a mixture of weeds, old tires and dead cats into inexpensive diesel fuel. - Reuters, 9/14/05

Gillette has come out with a razor with five blades. The "Fusion" has bested its own Mach 3 and Schick's Quattro. - Newsweek, 9/26/05

Boeing has scheduled their 787 Dreamliner to be delivered in 2008. This jet will consist of 50% composite materials (plastics) instead of metal. - Discover Magazine, 10/05

Broadband via power lines is a reality; several small towns already offer high-speed internet via power lines. It will become more prevalent in 2006. - Newsweek, 9/12/05

University of California at Irvine Neuroscientist Gary Lynch has created a compound called CX717 which makes people temporarily smarter. It has been tested on monkeys and humans, and a commercial drug is "only a matter of time." - Discover Magazine, 10/05

There are 4,000,000 surveillance cameras in Britain's public places. The average commuter has his image captured 300 times each day. - BBC News, 2/7/02

A 6' 10" man was turned down for a job as an air traffic controller. While he passed all the tests, his legs would not fit under the desk. -, 7/29/05

Henry Ford came up with the idea for charcoal briquettes in the 1920s. Also having a hand in the invention was Thomas Edison and Ford's cousin's husband, E.G. Kingsford. - The Week Magazine, 8/5/05

A Santiago, Chile restaurant named "Car Crash" had to close temporarily because a car crashed into it. - Seattle Times, 7/28/05

Stephen Crawford recently resigned as co-President of Morgan Stanley. He was on the job for 15 weeks, and was paid $32,000,000. Assuming he worked seven days a week, sixteen hours a day, he still made $19,000 per hour. - Business Week, 7/11/05

U. S. workers say they waste over two hours a day (not including their lunch hour) at their jobs, either by surfing the web, socializing with co-workers or simply "spacing out". - Reuters, 7/12/05

At Atlanta's Turner Field and the Florida Panthers' Office Depot Center, Lexus drivers get the best parking spots. The auto maker worked out a deal with the management of the venues. - The Week Magazine, 7/22/05

Oprah Winfrey visited a Hermes store in Paris, France just after closing time and was denied entry. - New York Daily News, 6/22/05

If you brew your own coffee instead of purchasing a $3 latte each day, you would have $55,341 after 30 years (calculation includes interest). - Motley Fool, 6/21/05

A Romanian farmer is hoping to make a fortune after a chicken was born with four working legs. Doru Grigoras said, "Think of all the extra chicken drumsticks you can get off a chicken with four legs instead of two."He is planning to keep the black feathered chick until it grows up and then breed it to produce more four-legged birds. - Window to Romania, 6/1/05

The pilot of an Air France flight brought a young boy into the cockpit and started showing off - by banking the plane sharply left and right, right into the path of another plane. The pilot recovered by taking the plane up another 10,000 feet, all along terrifying passengers in the process. - Fox News, 5/6/08

In 2007, 68,000,000 television sets were thrown out or recycled. - Gulf News, 5/16/08

Mazda is destroying 4,703 brand new vehicles as the freighter (the Cougar Ace) on which they were being imported to the United States spent weeks bobbing on the ocean at a 60 degree angle. No one knows for sure if that caused damage, so Mazda is playing it safe and destroying the new cars. - San Diego Union, 4/30/08
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