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In 2007, Wall Street's biggest firms (Bear Stearns, Goldman Sachs, Lehman Brothers, Merrill Lynch and Morgan Stanley) paid out $39 billion in bonuses. Shareholders lost $74 billion during the same period. - ABC News, 9/22/08

In the 1990s, there were only 142 G-rated movies produced. - Fast Company, 11/08

Bands whose songs are featured in Guitar Hero games can expect their on-line music sales to triple. - The Week Magazine, 10/24/08

Aerosmith has made more money in licensing income from Guitar Hero than from sales of any of their albums. - The Week Magazine, 10/24/08

A Pennsylvania Holiday Inn stored perishable food in an empty guest room because their refrigerator wasn't working. Employees assured the health department that they had turned the air conditioner all the way up. - (Lancaster PA), 9/29/08

An XL Airllines flight from Orlando, Florida to London was taxiing for takeoff when it suddenly stopped, turned around and headed back to the terminal. The passengers eventually were told that the airlline had declared bankruptcy, and all 260 passengers were stranded in Orlando. - (Orlando, FL), 9/12/08

About 80% of all marijuana grown outdoors in the United States is on state or federal land, usually in parks or forest reserves. - The Week Magazine, 9/26/08

Every man, woman and child who resides in Alaska will receive a check for $3,269 in late 2008 - their share of Alaska's oil wealth. - Associated Press, 9/5/08

Despite soaring housing foreclosures, and financial market turmoil linked to easy credit, banks still mailed out 1,540,000,000 solicitations for new credit cards during the three months of the second quarter 2008. - Reuters, 8/18/08

Warner Bros. is suing the makers of an Indian film "Hari Puttar: A Comedy of Terrors" because of similarities to a certain very popular film franchise. - Reuters, 8/27/08

ExxonMobil had the highest profit of any company anywhere in 2Q08. It broke the record set in 4Q07, also set by ExxonMobil. - Houston Chronicle, 8/5/08

The computer mouse turned 40 years old in 2008. Gartner Group analyst Steve Prentice says the mouse will be obsolete in three to five years. - The Week Magazine, 8/15/08

If you're entering a congested highway from an on-ramp, if everyone on the on-ramp waits until the last possible moment to merge into traffic (the very end of the on-ramp), traffic flow is improved 15% when compared to conventional merges. - Dept. of Transportation, 12/28/04

A Kentucky woman was asked to leave a shopping mall because her dress was too short. She bought the dress the day earlier at the same mall. -, 8/10/08

The depth in the pool in Beijing is partially responsible for the eye-opening speed of Michael Phelps and other Olympic swimmers. The Olympic pool in Beijing is about three feet deeper than pools used in earlier Olympics. The additional depth reduces the drag on a swimmer's body. - The Week Magazine, 9/5/08

Southwest Airlines flight 2709, from Houston to San Diego, is the most delayed flight in the country, arriving late 100% of the time. - USAToday, 7/9/08

Several pornographic websites have reported an "upswing in sales" since American taxpayers have received their economic stimulus checks from the government. - United Press International, 7/7/08

The American retail sector lost 7,500 jobs in June 2008 - and almost two-thirds of them (4,800 jobs) were in auto dealerships. - Center for Economic and Policy Research, 7/3/08

Each year, the average American spends $100 more on footwear than on vegetables. - The Week Magazine, 7/18/08

Bennett Christiansen applied for and received his first credit card recently. Bank of America gave him a $600 credit limit, even though on the application Bennett truthfully filled in an income of "$0", gave his actual birthdate, and signed the application. Bennett is six years old. - CBS2Chicago, 6/17/08

Wall Street trading mysteriously fell 71,000,000 shares (9.2%) on Monday, June 16 - the day that Tiger Woods won the U.S. Open in a sudden death playoff. - The Week Magazine, 6/27/08

Giraffe meat is kosher. - New York Times, 10/19/05

New taxes have increased the price of a pack of cigarettes to over $10 in New York City. - WNBC News (New York City), 6/2/08
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