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New York State lottery officials closed down betting on the number 871 in March 2007 because too many people were playing it. 871 is the room number in the Mayflower Hotel in Washington, D. C. where former Governor Eliot Spitzer met with the prostitute named Kristen. - The Week Magazine, 3/28/08

An Air National Guard pilot mistakenly dropped a 22 pound practice bomb on an apartment complex in Tulsa, Oklahoma. It was supposed to be dropped on a practice field in Kansas. - New York Times, 3/15/08

Presidential candidate Barack Obama's staff thought it might be a good idea to show Obama bowling on a recent trip to Pennsylvania. Obama bowled a 37. - Boston Globe, 3/30/08

Wausau, Wisconsin police raided an " underage keg party" only to discover the kegs were filled with root beer. A total of 90 breath tests were given, but none turned up positive for alcohol. - MSNBC, 3/28/08

Wisconsin mother and college student Keely Givhan spent six days in jail for unpaid library fines. - LaCrosse Tribune, 3/2/08

The 2008 presidential election will be the first that finds two sitting United States Senators against each other. - The Week Magazine, 3/21/08

Astronauts aboard the International Space Station apparently have access to a gun. Every spacecraft carries survival gear for crash landings, and the Russian Soyuz has a kit that includes a gun. All space station crew members are aware of the gun's location - that worries some critics because astronauts work in tight quarters under a lot of stress. - (Orlando, FL), 2/14/08

Metropolitan Detroit, Michigan public libraries now offer check-out of video games for all major console game systems. The hope is that more kids will discover the library. - Detroit Free Press, 2/17/08

The presidential candidates missed a lot of votes in the Senate in 2007. John McCain missed 57%, Barack Obama 40% and Hillary Clinton missed 27% of votes. - The Week Magazine, 2/22/08

In 1987, The Indiana State House passed Bill #246, which stated that the value of Pi was exactly 3.2, and sent the bill up to the Senate. Luckily, the Indiana Senate indefinitely postponed a final vote on this bill. - San Diego Union, 2/7/08

Only 6 miles out of every 1,000 miles of Interstate highways are repaired or maintained each year. - Wired Magazine, 2/08

Presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich received only 2% of the vote in the 2007 New Hampshire primary. For some reason, he is paying $27,000 to recount votes. - Newsweek, 1/28/08

Venezuelan Interior Minister Pedro Carreno gave a speech denouncing capitalism while wearing Gucci shoes and a Louis Vuitton tie. - Reuters, 12/14/07

One of every three US dollars sent to Iraq ends up in the pockets of corrupt officials or Sunni and Shiite militias. - The Week Magazine, 12/14/07

The Pentagon is demanding that a soldier return part of his recruitment bonus since he didn't finish his commitment. Why didn't Jordan Fox finish his tour of duty? He was injured in a roadside attack in Iraq, losing sight in one eye and suffering back injuries. - CBS News, 11/21/07

The EPA has withdrawn its warning that New Jersey residents should eat squirrels no more than twice a week. - Washington Post, 10/31/07

Australian authorities claim their latest campaign against speeders is very successful. The campaign suggests that men who speed are compensating for having small penises. - MSNBC, 7/17/07

California will spend $9.9 billion on its prison system in 2007, while only spending $3.3 billion on its state university system. - The Week Magazine, 10/19/07

Cynthia Hunter spent 50 days in a Florida jail when police found a vial of a yellow substance in her purse. Hunter insisted that it was dried cat urine for her son's science experiment, but police didn't believe it as she had outstanding warrants for her arrest, including shoplifting and violating probation. Testing was done on the vial's ingredients, and the vial indeed did contain dried cat urine. - St. Petersburg (Florida) Times, 10/10/07

Smoking has been banned in all public establishments in Belmont, California - including individual apartments, townhomes and condominiums that share a common floor or ceiling with another unit. - San Mateo Daily Journal, 10/10/07

It seems like you see surveillance cameras everywhere these days. The town of Liberty, Kansas is installing a camera in the town park. Liberty has a population of 95 people. - The Week Magazine, 9/28/07
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