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The average laboratory mouse runs five miles per night on its treadmill. - San Diego Union, 4/17/08

Collisions with birds cause more than a billion dollars worth of damage to civil aircraft each year. - Discover Magazine, 5/08

There is a garbage patch floating in the Pacific Ocean that is twice the size of Texas. It consists mostly of throwaway plastic items, and grows by 10% each year. - San Francisco Chronicle, 10/19/07

An unusual cold snap in South Florida has caused iguanas to fall from trees in droves. A Miami zoo spokesperson said, "they lose their grip on the tree, and they start falling." - The Week Magazine, 1/18/06

Dirt contains bacteria that helps fight depression. - The Week Magazine, 12/28/07

A 28.6 pound hailstone hit a car in Tampa, Florida in January 2007, crushing the roof. - San Diego Union, 1/3/08

Birth control pills are being blamed for a dramatic reduction in fish populations. It seems that the estrogen in wastewater in some parts of Canada is killing off minnows in rivers. Larger fish, which feed on the minnows, are also suffering. - Discover Magazine, 1/08

Indonesia rushed to plant 79,000,000 trees in early December 2007 as environmentalists prepared for a United Nations climate-change summit meeting. Indonesia has the highest rate of deforestation on the planet; illegal logging cuts down a forest the size of Switzerland each year. - The Week Magazine, 12/14/07

A salamander can launch his tongue with a force estimated at up to 450 Gs. That's a feat impossible to acheive with muscles alone. Scientists are still investigating how the salamander does this. - Discover Magazine, 1/08

Chimpanzees have a much better short-term memory than humans. - BBC, 12/3/07

Scientists have produced a global weather map for HD189733b, a planet 63 light years away. - Discover Magazine, 1/08

A crime wave is hitting India - the perpetrators are monkeys. Two dozen people were injured recently when monkeys rampaged through a New Delhi neighborhood. - India Times, 11/13/07

A snow crystal can be 50 times as wide as it is think, so snow crystals (in a lab setting) can be grown to more than two inches across, they're still far thinner than a piece of paper. - Discover Magazine, 1/08

Yellowstone National Park is rising by about 3 inches every year, due to a massive volcano underneath. - Science News, 11/10/07

The largest snow crystal ever recorded was 15 inches across, found in Fort Keogh, Montana. - Discover Magazine, 1/08

A black bear is being sought by New Jersey police on suspicion of stealing a minivan. Police theorize that the bear smelled candy inside the van, smashed the window and then "accidentally released the emergency brake" while foraging inside. The minivan rolled down a hill, with the bear inside. - The Week Magazine, 11/23/07

The speed of light is approximately 186,000 miles per second through a vacuum. Going through ordinary window glass, light travels at only 120,000 miles per second. - San Diego Union, 11/15/07

Thousands of Americans have made venomous snakes pets. In 2004, 52 people in America were treated for bites from exotic snakes. Three of those people died. - The Week Magazine, 11/16/07

Gold is almost indestructible, and has always been highly valued throughout history, so humans have always recycled it. 85% of all gold ever found is still in use today. - Discover Magazine, 12/07

A Michigan couple was driving in Chelan County, Washington, when a 600 pound cow fell off a cliff and landed on the hood of their minivan. "It's raining cows out here, man!", said Charles Everson. - USA Today, 11/7/07

Marine biologists have discovered a clam off the coast in Iceland that is the oldest living animal in recorded history. The clam is 405 years old. - United Press International, 10/28/07

A grey squirrel managed to squeeze its way through the bars of a bird feeder, then ate so many seeds and nuts that it was too fat to get out again. - BBC News, 10/25/07

Fish occasionally suffer from insomnia. - MSNBC, 10/16/07

Lab rats sent into space during mid-pregnancy (while their fetuses' inner ears are developing) spawn tipsy babies. - Discover Magazine, 11/07

Sibu, an Orangutan at a Dutch zoo, refuses to mate with females of his own species. He seems to prefer his human female keepers, especially blond and tattooed ones. - Reuters, 10/15/07

The National Snow and Ice Data Center reports that Arctic ice shrank by 131,000 square miles (larger than the state of New Mexico) in just five days (August 17 through August 21, 2007). - Discover Magazine, 11/07
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