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Astronauts who snore on the ground don't snore while in space. - Discover Magazine, 11/07

Greenland is feeling the effects of global warming more quickly than anywhere else on the planet. Average winter temperatures have gone up nine degrees from 1991 to 2003. - CNN, 6/6/07

18 people have died on space missions, but never in space. It's always on the way up or the way down. - Discover Magazine, 11/07

A soap bubble is 10,000 times thinner than an average human hair. - San Diego Union, 6/12/07

When it's not mating season, the penis of a drake (a male duck) is about the size of a grain of rice. When it's time to impregnate a mate, it grows into a twisted organ, sometimes longer than the duck's entire body. - The Week Magazine, 5/18/07

The world's oldest crow is 118 years (estimated age). - San Diego Union, 4/19/07

The Cleveland Indians baseball team had their first four home games of 2007 snowed out, and they played their next "home" series in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. -, 4/10/07

The snake Rhabdophis tigninus recycles the venom from toxic toads it has eaten, storing it in glands and releasing it to kill other prey. - Discover Magazine, 4/07

A recent survey of over 200 professional dog obedience judges ranked the Afghan hound as the least intelligent dog. The border collie was ranked the smartest. - Discover Magazine, 4/07

Australian researchers have discovered that honeybees can recognize human faces. The bees were shown black and white portraits and given treats for correct answers. - Discover Magazine, 3/07

2005 was the warmest year in recorded history. 2006 is the sixth warmest year in recorded history. - San Diego Union, 12/21/06

3,300 bees were sent to space for seven days in 1984. The bees adapted perfectly to zero gravity, the only exception being that they held their excrement for the entire trip. - Discover Magazine, 3/07

Eureka, California has never had a day where the temperature has reached 90 degrees. - San Diego Union, 12/14/06

Cell phone towers are responsible for the deaths of between 4 million and 50 million birds each year. The birds mistake the tower lights for the stars that they use to navigate, and they crash into the towers or lines. - Los Angeles Times, 11/27/06

The number of tigers kept as pets in America is approximately equal to the number of tigers in the wild. - San Diego Union, 11/30/06

A rat can tread water for three days. A rat can also survive being flushed down the toilet, and can return to the building via the same route. - Discover Magazine, 12/06

The Alaska Zoo built a treadmill for their elephant, Maggie, in 2005 (at a cost of $150,000). The elephant has never used it. That's the only elephant in Alaska, by the way. - San Diego Union, 11/30/06

Yes, a chicken can live without its head. One robust chicken lived 18 months after its own beheading. - The Week Magazine, 11/3/06

The Arctic Ocean ice cap shrunk by 289,500 square miles in 2005. That's an area larger than the state of Texas. - San Diego Union, 12/14/06

In late June 2006, an Alabama man discovered a hornet's nest in his 1955 Chevy. The nest filled the entire car. - Popular Science, 11/06
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