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Geologists have discovered a new underwater volcano in Samoa. It is currently growing by eight inches each day. - Science Daily, 5/26/05

According to a recent study, birds prefer their droppings to be on white cars. - WFMY News 2, 6/29/05

Camels have three eyelids. - San Diego Union, 4/26/06

Colombian scientists have said they could wipe out cocaine production with caterpillars. The larvae of the moth Elorio Noyesi might endanger other native species, however. - Science and Development Network, 6/22/05

In spite of global warming, the East Antarctic ice sheet is growing by about 45,000,000,000 tons of ice each year. - Washington Post, 5/23/05

A bald eagle crashed through a bay window of a Ketchikan, Alaska home, deposited a giant salmon on the living room floor, and then flew out again. - Associated Press, 6/15/05

A golden-bellied mangabey monkey escaped from the San Diego Zoo, but was discovered less than an hour later - waiting outside a door to get back in. -, 6/26/05

The number of Americans that are killed by sharks averages about one per year. An average of 168 Americans die per year when their cars collide with deer. - Outside Magazine, 6/05

A hiker in Alberta, Canada successfully used martial arts training to kick an attacking grizzly bear in the face. -, 5/31/05

A large lake east of Moscow disappeared overnight. Government officials theorize that a shift in soils underneath the lake opened access to an underground channel that drained the water. - Deseret News, 6/5/05

A Romanian farmer is hoping to make a fortune after a chicken was born with four working legs. Doru Grigoras said, "Think of all the extra chicken drumsticks you can get off a chicken with four legs instead of two." He is planning to keep the black feathered chick until it grows up and then breed it to produce more four-legged birds. - Window to Romania, 6/1/05

A CD or DVD will not degrade in landfills, and incinerating it will release harmful dioxins. So Sony, Sanyo, and Pioneer are working on biodegradable discs made of corn. Sanyo has delayed its corn-based disc because it tends to melt during playback. - Wired Magazine, 3/05

A duck that is nesting in front of the Treasury Department in Washington DC has been given secret service protection. The duck has been given several names, including "Duck Cheney." - USA Today, 4/8/05

A Swiss ski resort announced it would combat global warming by wrapping its mountain glaciers in aluminum foil to keep them from melting. - The Week Magazine, 3/25/05

A 22 pound lobster was caught recently off the coast of Nantucket, Massachusetts. It is estimated that the lobster is between 50 and 100 years old. - CNN, 3/2/05

Global warming may be causing the world's highest peak to shrink. The peak of Mt. Everest has dropped by 1.3 metres due to melting of glaciers resulting from global warming. - BBC, 1/25/05

The earthquake that caused the recent Asian tsunami was the second largest ever recorded, say scientists. New measurements show the quake was much bigger than thought, which could explain why it had such huge impact. Professors at the Northwestern University in Chicago found that the earthquake measured 9.3 on the Richter scale, not 9.0 as was reported. - BBC, 2/8/05

Up to four times as many females as males may have been killed in the tsunami according to new research released three months since the tsunami. - Medical News Today, 3/30/05

If human beings completely stopped burning fossil fuels today, the planet would continue to heat up for at least another 100 years. - NASA, 2/17/02

The Mesa, Arizona Police Department SWAT team wants to add a capuchin monkey to its staff. The monkey could become the ultimate reconnaissance tool. Capuchins are small, weighing between 3 and 8 pounds, have tiny humanlike hands and puzzle-solving skills. The monkey could be trained to unlock doors and search buildings. - Associated Press, 4/19/05

Future Lebanon County Pennsylvania home buyers won’t be surprised at any seasonal agricultural odors if they receive a new county brochure. The brochure will drive the point home with a preview whiff of scratch 'n sniff manure. -, 6/17/05
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