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Kymberly Clem, a 20 year old Kentucky woman, was asked to leave a shopping mall because her dress was too short. She bought the dress the day earlier at the same mall. -, 8/10/08

A miniature dachshund chewed off Missouri woman's big toe while the woman napped. Linda Floyd suffers from diabetes and has numbness in her extremities. - Sioux City Journal, 7/8/08

Bennett Christiansen applied for and received his first credit card recently. Bank of America gave him a $600 credit limit, even though on the application Bennett truthfully filled in an income of "$0", gave his actual birthdate, and signed the application. Bennett is six years old. - CBS2Chigago, 6/17/08

Minor league baseball player John Odom was traded recently from the Calgary Vipers to the Laredo Broncos for ten maple bats. - Sports Illustrated, 5/23/08

Darryl Brudevold ran unopposed for re-election for mayor in Pillsbury, North Dakota. Nobody voted for him, not even Brudevold himself. The mayor has asked state election officials what to do now. - NPR, 6/16/08

The 125 scientists stationed at the McMurdo research base in Antarctica are ready for two months of continual darkness as they have just received a shipment of 16,500 condoms. This averages 132 per person. - MSNBC, 6/9/08

Several Pennsylvania high school students had their last names changed as a result of an automatic spell-check program. Max Zupanovic was renamed Max Supernova and Kathy Carbaugh was listed as Kathy Airbag. - KWTX News (Waco, TX), 6/2/08

Lillian Cox recently had her drivers' license renewed for three years. She's been driving since 1915 - Lillian is 101 years old. - (Orlando, FL), 5/29/08

Frederic J. Baur was the designer of the Pringles potato chip can. He died recently, and his cremated remains were buried in one of those cans. -, 6/2/08

A Trenton, New Jersey teenage girl set fire the home of a boy who didn't ask her to the prom. The home burned to the ground. - South Jersey Courier-Post, 5/26/08

Tim Ignasiak was cited by police for failure to wear a seat belt. Half an hour later, his jeep was hit by a car that ran a red light. Tim's seat belt saved him from serious injury. - Pennsylvania Express News, 5/28/08

Edith Pittenger loves the Indianapolis 500 and has gone to the race each year since 1965. Her family gave her a gift certificate for the "Indy Racing Experience", where Edith climbed into a 650 horsepower car (as a passenger) and zipped around the track at 180 mph. Edith was 96 years old at the time. - NewsLink Indiana, 5/23/08

A Croatian woman was reported missing in 1966. Forty two years later, in 2008, police found her mummified corpse in an armchair, sitting in front of a vintage black and white television set. - Austrian Times, 5/15/08

A 50-years Saudi Arabian woman is asking for a divorce because her husband lifted her veil and looked at her face while she was sleeping. The woman had kept her face hidden for thirty years. - London Daily Mail, 5/19/08

A Utah newspaper photographer was speared through the leg by a javelin while he was shooting a high school track championship. - MSNBC, 5/19/08

In 1995, an Egyptian farmer descended a 60-foot well to rescue a chicken. He drowned in the attempt. The farmers' sister and two brothers went in one-by-one to retrieve their brother, but they also drowned. Two elder farmers also came to help, but they suffered the same fate. All six bodies were eventually pulled out, along with the chicken. The chicken survived. - San Diego Union, 4/29/08

A German man lived after he fell down an elevator shaft because he landed on a woman who had fallen down the shaft a day earlier. Both survived their ordeals. - The Week Magazine, 5/2/08

18-year-old Alia Sabur of Long Island, NY is the world's youngest college professor. She read full novels at age 2, and entered college at age 10. - The Week Magazine, 5/2/08

The original creators of Superman, Joe Shuster and Jerry Siegel, sold their rights to the character in 1938 for $130. - New York Times, 3/29/08
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