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Japanese designer Aya Tsukoika has demonstrated new clothing designs that will hopefully ease the fear of crime. One of her latest designs allows the wearer to elude persuers by disguising herself as a vending machine. - New York Times, 10/19/07

Richard Yates, a British postman, defied historic floods to deliver copies of the latest Harry Potter book to stranded fans in the village of Evesham. He is now being hailed as a national hero. - The Week Magazine, 8/3/07

Felicha Marin was caught trying to shoplift shoes by London police. She went on to "resist arrest", assaulting the police officers by squirting milk from her right breast at one of the officers. - Associated Content, 4/15/07

An Austrailian rugby player, Ben Czislowski, finally sought medical attention for a throbbing headache that had lasted four months. Doctors told him he has been living with an opponent's tooth buried in his forehead. - The Week Magazine, 7/27/07

A Nevada couple have been charged with child neglect after their two babies suffered health problems. It appears that the parents ignored the children as they were addicted to the Internet and video games. The younger child had to have her head shaved because her hair was matted with cat urine. At 11 months of age, she weighed just 10 pounds. - Wired Magazine, 7/14/07

Retired Formula One race car champion Nelson Piquet has had his driver's license revoked for repeated speeding offenses. - The Week Magazine, 8/10/07

Galileo sketched a design of the first ballpoint pen. - Discover Magazine, 7/05

Golfer Jacqueline Gagne has hit 10 holes-in-one in the first four months of 2007. The odds of this happening are estimated to be 1 out of 670,000,000,000,000,000,000. - San Diego Union, 5/19/07

New Jersey Governor Jon Corzine was recently badly injured in an auto accident in which his SUV was racing through traffic at 91 miles per hour. "I hope the state will forgive me, and I'll work very hard to set the right kind of example," Corzine said. Reporters then clocked the SUV taking him home from the hospital at 70 miles per hour, 15 mph over the posted speed limit. - The Week Magazine, 5/11/07

Olafur Grimsson, President of Iceland, was the first person to drive faster than the speed limit in a hydrogen powered car. - Time Magazine, 4/9/07

Abdulhamid II, sultan of the Ottoman Empire in the early 1900s, censored all references to water in chemistry books because he was convinced that H2O stood for "Hamid the Second is nothing". - Discover Magazine, 6/07

A North Carolina man attempting to pick up his pants from a dry cleaner was arrested for not wearing any pants. - The Week Magazine, 5/4/07

Federated CEO Terry Lundgren was paid $16,000,000 in 2006. He also gets 40% discount on anything he buys from any of the Federated stores (including Macy's and Bloomingdale's). All other employees only get a 20% discount. - The Week Magazine, 5/11/07

James Calderwood, an Eagle Scout from Chevy Chase, Maryland, has earned every one of the 121 possible merit badges the Boy Scouts offer. He got the last one two days before his 18th birthday, the cutoff date for earning new badges. - NBC4 (Washington DC), 4/3/07

In 1994, Filipino fisherman Renato Arganza spent several days clinging to a buoy after his boat capsized. He reportedly survived by eating his underwear. - San Diego Union, 4/3/07

Raymond Snouffler Jr. of Minnesota won the $25,000 state lottery two days in a row, defying incalculable odds. - San Jose Mercury News, 2/16/07

Esther Medley bowled a 244 game recently. She is legally blind. She is 94 years old. - Time Magazine, 12/11/06

Kevin "Cannonball" Alderton of Dartford, England hasn't let his blindness stop him. He recently broke two skiing records. He set an outdoor blind downhill skiing record by going a blistering 105 mph; and a 56-mph run won him the indoor blind skiing record. - New York Post, 11/21/06

Alfredo Martinez was arrested in Reno, Nevada after his car was spotted weaving across the lanes of a local highway. Mr. Martinez was not driving. He had turned the wheel over to a designated driver, his seven year old son. MSNBC, 11/1/06
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