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43% of all U. S. venture capital in 2008 went to the San Francisco Bay Area. - Time Magazine, 11/2/09

The only bookstore in Laredo, Texas (B. Dalton) has closed. Now the closest bookstore to Laredo is in San Antonio, which is 150 miles away. - The Week Magazine, 2/5/10

The odds are 1 out of 4 (25%) that a ninth grader in the Detroit public school system will graduate in four years. - Time Magazine, 11/9/09

Colorado will reduce minimum wage by 4 cents in 2010 - becoming the first state to lower the minimum wage in over seventy years. - Time Magazine, 10/26/09

On average (in July 2009), there are six job seekers for each job opening in the United States. - Fortune, 10/26/09

If you're an American, the odds are 1 in 40 (2.46%) that you're currently in the U.S. criminal justice system (incarcerated, on parole, or on probation). - The Week Magazine, 9/25/09

Unmarried women now account for 40% of births. - Newsweek, 10/19/09

47% of all U.S. households will owe no federal income tax in 2009. - The Week Magazine, 10/16/09

South Carolina state attorney Roland Corning was busted with a stripper, sex toys and Viagra in a Columbia, South Carolina cemetery recently. - Newsweek, 11/9/09

Prostitutes in Chicago, Illinois are more likely to have sex with a police officer than be arrested by one. - Newsweek, 11/9/09

The odds are 1 in 39 (2.56%) that you will hit a deer with your car this year, if you drive in West Virginia. - The Week Magazine, 10/9/09

Drug investigators raided a Polk County, Florida home in a search for drugs. They were caught on a security camera playing Wii bowling for nine straight hours. - The Week Magazine, 10/9/09

The odds are 1 in 33 (3%) that you have been a target of sexual advances by a priest, minister, rabbi or other religious leader (if you're a woman). - The Week Magazine, 9/25/09

22,000 Americans die annually because they lack health insurance. - Newsweek, 9/21/09

The United States is the only developed nation where medical bankruptcies occur. - Newsweek, 9/21/09

The United States has 2,300,000,000 square feet of space in self-storage units. This is 7 square feet per citizen. - The Week Magazine, 9/18/09

The first ATM machine in America (mechanical cash dispenser) was installed in 1939. It was removed six months later because of non-use. - Wired Magazine, 9/09

The odds are 1 in 2 (44%) that a Mississippi child is overweight or obese. - Time Magazine, 7/13/09

As a cost-cutting measure, the U.S. Bureau of Prisons is allowing some prisoners to transfer themselves, unescorted, from one prison to another. - The Week Magazine, 7/3/09

The odds are less than 1 in 5 (20%) that you're obese if you live in Colorado. This is the only state with less than 20% obesity rate. - The Week Magazine, 7/24/09

Truckers that were text-messaging behind the wheel were 23 times as likely to get into an accident or a near miss. - Time Magazine, 8/10/09
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