United States Facts #3

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43 children were on the business end of 50,000 volt stun guns when Florida prison officials had "Take Your Sons and Daughters to Work Day". - The Week Magazine, 5/29/09

The best selling vehicle in the United States in April 2009 was the Honda Accord. This was the first time in 18 years the Ford F-150 truck wasn't the best selling vehicle in America. - The Week Magazine, 5/15/09

The state of Iowa has changed the name of the Department of Elder Affairs to the Department of Aging. Many people are objecting to the new name, especially when being referred to by the inevitable acronym. - The Week Magazine, 3/20/09

Landfills are getting up to 30% less trash because of the troubling economy. - Seattle Times, 3/15/09

The first African-American man to appear solo on a US coin is Duke Ellington, on the reverse of the 2009 District of Columbia quarter. - CNN, 2/24/09

A New York man tried to return a "bad" lobster at his local supermarket. The grocery refused when they discovered that the lobster meat was gone, and the shell was reassembled to look whole. - UPI, 1/21/09

In some Boulder, Colorado classrooms, students sit on exercise balls. The students supposedly can work out their restlessness and concentrate more on their studies. - CBS4 (Denver), 3/18/09

Across the nation, 19 million houses and apartments -- nearly one out of every seven -- are vacant, the highest percentage since the 1960s. - New York Times, 3/6/09

Teens with cell phones average 2,272 text messages a month. - Charleston (West Virginia) Daily Mail, 2/22/09

The average total sales price in January 2009 for a house in Detroit, Michigan was $6,035. - North County Times, 3/15/09

Traffic officers in Gainesville, Florida issued seven tickets to a BMW for illegal parking in a two week period. A neighbor finally called police who found a dead body in the back seat. - The Week Magazine, 3/13/09

All the U.S. coins and bills in circulation have a total worth of $829 billion. Two thirds of that is held overseas. - Discover Magazine, 4/09

If you count people on parole and probation, 1 out of 26 adults in Louisiana is under control of the Department of Corrections. - The Week Magazine, 3/13/09

The heart attack survival rate in Las Vegas is 53%. In Chicago it's only 2%. - San Diego Union, 1/11/09

A deer with an injured leg bounded into a PetSmart in Ohio recently. The deer got stitched up by the on-duty veterinarian and then bounded out of the store. - The Week Magazine, 2/20/09

Pennsylvania firefighters in biohazard suits had to saw Shannon Hunter out of a porta-potty. He was wedged in so tight, rescuers had to saw the toilet away from him. When asked why he was naked, Miller just shrugged his shoulders. - UPI, 6/10/08

An Austin, Texas man paid $1,350 for a cornflake in the shape of Illinois. - Parade Magazine, 12/28/08

The U.S. government has spent billions of dollars since 1992 to buy a fleet of 112,000 alternative fuel vehicles. Unfortunately there are so few suppliers of ethanol and natural gas, so these vehicles are powered by gasoline 92% of the time. - The Week Magazine, 12/5/08

Two men entered a man's home - one holding a gun while the other brandished a knife to the resident's neck. The assailants demanded the victim's eggbeater. - Yahoo! News, 12/16/08

City crews in Ankeny, Iowa are using garlic salt to melt snow and ice from city streets. - Chicago Tribune, 12/17/08
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