United States Facts #6

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A woman faces a DUI charge after going through Sylvania, Alabama at midnight, allegedly ramming a police car. She was on horseback at the time. - Associated Press, 4/3/07

Hunters in Texas are now banned from using laser-sights on their high-powered rifles. This ban will soon be lifted, which will be a blessing to blind hunters in that state. - BBC News, 12/12/06

A Cincinnati, Ohio area Little League has banned negative baseball "chatter". - Cincinnati Enquirer, 3/30/07

Fully one-third of all Washington DC's residents are functionally illerate. - The Week Magazine, 3/30/07

An very patient elderly Florida resident had the power restored to her home recently. Hurricane Andrew knocked the power out fifteen years ago. - KPIX-TV, 2/17/07

Computer servers now use an estimated 1.2% of all electricity in the United States. This is more electricity than the entire electrical consumption of Mississippi. -, 2/15/07

Students are not allowed to talk during lunch at St. Rose of Lima school in Rhode Island - a silent lunch will ensure that teachers can identify a choking child in time to administer the Heimlich maneuver. - The Week Magazine, 2/9/07

Tucson, Arizona residents have seen small white rats swimming through sewer pipes and into their toilets. - ABC News, 1/8/07

December 2006 was the first December in 130 years that had no recorded snowfall in New York City. - New York Times, 1/1/07

Only 25 of the 535 members of Congress have come under fire in combat. - The Week Magazine, 1/19/07

The penalty flags that are thrown by referees in the NFL are actually weighted down with unpopped popcorn kernels. - North County Times, 1/23/07

383 bills were signed into law during the 106th session of Congress. More than 90 of them dealt with naming or renaming federal buildings. - The Week Magazine, 1/12/07

A man was arrested in Los Angeles for attempting to smuggle through Customs two pygmy monkeys in his underwear. - San Diego Union, 9/18/06

A man lost in the woods near Corvallis, Oregon, was rescued thanks to the glowing screen of his iPod. - The Week Magazine, 12/1/06

A fireball created at the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider in Upton, NY (a particle accelerator) had the characteristics of a black hole. Physicists are reasonably sure that no such black holes could escape and consume Earth. - Discover Magazine, 11/06

A Colorado judge has banned a couple from smoking in their own home. - The Week Magazine, 12/1/06

The average American home now has more television sets than people. -, 9/22/06

A California woman tried to shoot her husband in the head through the back of his La-Z-Boy recliner. The chair absorbed most of the bullet's force. The man followed his wife into the kitchen and complained, "You shot me!" - The Week Magazine, 12/1/06

Cleveland, spelled backwards, is DNA Level C. - San Diego Union, 9/21/06

More people commit suicide in New York than are murdered. - Discover Magazine, 9/06

Since the U.S. Army increased the age limit for enlistees from 40 to 42, only five people aged 40-42 have signed up. - The Week Magazine, 8/25/06

Homeland Security's database of "critical infrastructure and key resources" include a popcorn factory in Indiana, a petting zoo in Alabama, and a kangaroo conservation center in Georgia. - The Week Magazine, 8/11/06
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