World Facts #3

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The Island of Grenada recently launched a campaign to stop tourists from using starfish as Frisbees for their dogs. - The Week Magazine, 8/15/08

Global warming is now a cause of kidney stones. As temperatures go up, dehydration is more likely - and the water loss causes an increase in kidney stones in animals. - San Diego Union, 7/15/08

A Romanian village re-elected their mayor even though he died on election day. - NPR, 6/17/08

The 125 scientists stationed at the McMurdo research base in Antarctica are ready for two months of continual darkness as they have just received a shipment of 16,500 condoms. This averages 132 per person. - MSNBC, 6/9/08

A Croatian woman was reported missing in 1966. Forty two years later, in 2008, police found her mummified corpse in an armchair, sitting in front of a vintage black and white television set. - Austrian Times, 5/15/08

A 50-years Saudi Arabian woman is asking for a divorce because her husband lifted her veil and looked at her face while she was sleeping. The woman had kept her face hidden for thirty years. - London Daily Mail, 5/19/08

In 1995, an Egyptian farmer descended a 60-foot well to rescue a chicken. He drowned in the attempt. The farmers' sister and two brothers went in one-by-one to retrieve their brother, but they also drowned. Two elder farmers also came to help, but they suffered the same fate. All six bodies were eventually pulled out, along with the chicken. The chicken survived. - San Diego Union, 4/29/08

A German man lived after he fell down an elevator shaft because he landed on a woman who had fallen down the shaft a day earlier. Both survived their ordeals. - The Week Magazine, 5/2/08

A Japanese high school baseball team walked off the field in the second inning after falling behind 66-0. - The Week Magazine, 5/2/08

Used condoms are being recycled into hair ties and rubber bands in South China. - USAToday, 11/15/07

An Indian man lost his life savings when termites invaded his bank's safe deposit box, turning his 682,000 rupees into dust. - Banking Times, 4/7/08

An average tree produces 8,333 sheets of paper. - San Diego Union, 4/20/08

A London man hid a $12,000 engagement ring inside a helium balloon to present to his girlfriend. Unfortunately, he let go of the balloon. His girlfriend now refuses to speak to him. - Reuters, 3/14/08

There is no question that cars are getting safer and safer. However, experts around the country say that the new technology is also hindering extraction of injured people, forcing rescue crews to work deeper into the "golden hour" between accident and treatment by emergency room doctors. - San Diego Union, 3/20/08

A Sicilian court has ruled that an accused Mafioso can go home because he was too big (462 lbs.) to fit through prison doors and in an prison bed. - MSNBC, 3/12/08

By the end of 2008, more than 50% of the world's population will own a mobile phone. - The Week Magazine, 2/22/08

The World Health Organization states that by the end of the century, usage of tobacco could claim 1,000,000,000 lives. - North County Times, 2/8/08

Christopher McCuin was charged with killing, dismembering, cooking and partially eating his girlfriend. While in jail, PETA has asked prison officials to put McCuin on a vegetarian diet. - The Week Magazine, 1/25/08

The Canadian post office revealed that one of the volunteers who respond to letters addressed to Santa Claus had written obscene replies to at least ten children. A spokeswoman said, "We firmly believe there is just one rogue elf out there." - Reuters, 12/14/07

Police shot and killed two Angolan actors who were filming a heist scene, mistaking them for real robbers. - BBC News, 12/18/07
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