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Venezuelan Interior Minister Pedro Carreno gave a speech denouncing capitalism while wearing Gucci shoes and a Louis Vuitton tie. - Reuters, 12/14/07

Worldwide, if all incandescent light bulbs were replaced with energy-saving compact flourescent bulbs, 70% of the dramatic carbon reductions proposed in the Kyoto Protocol would be met. - Discover Magazine, 1/08

South Korean scientists have cloned cats that glow red when exposed to ultraviolet light. - San Diego Union Tribune , 12/14/07

Walking does more than driving to cause global warming, says Chris Goodall, author of "How to Live a Low-Carbon Life". He asserts that driving 3 miles would add less CO2 to the atmosphere than the CO2 generated in the process of processing the 100 grams of beef which you would need to replace the energy used to walk those same 3 miles. - The Times Online, 8/4/07

6% of British homeowners use their credit cards to pay their mortgages, even though the average credit card interest rate is more than double mortgage rates. - Yahoo! News, 11/1/07

The average monthly revenue per mobile services user in Kuwait is $71. The average monthly revenue per mobile services user in Sri Lanka is $2.83. - Network World, 12/3/07

Dutch police have charged a teenager with stealing $5,000 worth of virtual furniture in an online video game. - BBC News, 11/14/07

Canada's Royal Ontario Museum went hunting for a Barosaurus skeleton to add to its collection. They found it in an unlikely location - the museum itself, hidden in separate boxes for 45 years. The museum's personnel had just forgotten about it and put it into storage in 1962. Assembled, the skeleton will reach 80 feet in length. - Yahoo! News, 11/13/07

City officials in Hanover, Germany, are defending their decision to include an image of an ax-wielding psychopath in this year's advent calendar for children. Fritz "Butcher of Hanover" Haarmann can be seen peeking from behind a tree, brandishing an ax. - The Week Magazine, 11/16/07

Costa Rica has no street signs, and many of their streets aren't named. Because of this, 20% of all mail isn't delivered, and the mail that is delivered takes an average of nine days to get to its destination. - Los Angeles Times, 11/5/07

In 2002, there were no billionaires in China. In 2007, there are 106 billionaires. - The Week Magazine, 11/16/07

Passengers aboard a Sri Lankan Airlines flight revolted and refused to let the plane take off when they discovered part of the wing had been sheared off in an accident the prior day. The airline insisted the plane was safe without the wingtip. - Boston Herald, 11/4/07

Mohamed Al-Owhali, serving a life sentence for his part in bombings that killed 224 people, filed a lawsuit complaining that jailers have taken away his Walkman and have given him nothing to read except months-old copies of USA Today with pages missing. - The Week Magazine, 11/16/07

Japan's Kaneko Sangyo Company is marketing a portable toilet for your car. It supposedly will "come in handy during major disasters, such as earthquakes, or when you are caught in a traffic jam". - Yahoo! News, 10/23/07

A small boy got his head stuck in a traffic cone - pretending to be Harry Potter. Six fireman worked on the 3 year old for 30 minutes to free him. - FOX News, 10/23/07

Australian authorities claim their latest campaign against speeders is very successful. The campaign suggests that men who speed are compensating for having small penises. - MSNBC, 7/17/07

A four year old schoolgirl in England attached a letter to a balloon, and launched it in July 2007 during a school science fair. She received an answer from a man who found it on August 25, 2007 - in China (6,000 miles away). - The Week Magazine, 10/19/07

A German politician, Gabriele Pauli, has proposed that all marriage vows last only seven years. Ms. Pauli has been married twice, and her last marriage lasted (you guessed it) seven years. - London Times Online, 9/21/07

Alex Pepperberg's last words before he died were, "You be good. See you tomorrow. I love you." Alex was a 31 year old gray parrot. - New York Times, 9/11/07

The Venezuela National Electoral Council has introduced a bill to ban parents from giving their children names that are "extravagant or difficult to pronounce". This bill is intended to limit exposure of the child to ridicule. - New York Times, 9/5/07
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